Copywriting services:

Do you need your copy developed from a concept, or maybe just fine-tuned a little?

I offer a professional authoring service that will make sure your copy is clear, concise and unambiguous. My experience in both developing training courses and authoring technical training materials for a large multi-national company ensures that your message will be understood by its audience. This is especially important if either the author or the target audience has English as a second language.

There are subtle differences in the way information is assimilated by the reader and the listener. A paragraph read from a page will make perfect sense when the reader has full sight of the typography. This is because the author has both punctuation and layout as part of a toolkit to clarify his message. These elements may be lost or unclear when the same text is articulated by a reader. This is a significant problem for many technical documents where elements such as hierarchical lists or page placement can be critical. In these cases, a little fine-tuning may be required to restore the author's intent and ensure that the listener receives the same information and emphasis as the reader.

Please contact me if you think your copy needs a helping hand.